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Writing a Personal Statement of Purpose for Graduate School

Executive Summary about Personal Statement Graduate School by Pamela Whitehead

Personal statements graduate school aren’t like any regular essay. At best, personal statements are your golden ticket to the graduate school of your choice. Most universities feel personal statements further enhance graduate applications, demonstrating a potential candidate’s character.

personal statement graduate school

Unfortunately, you still realize creating an effective personal essay is a stringent requirement in order to get ahead. Creating a strong personal statement for graduate school begins with developing a strategy. Use detailed answers that sculpt your experiences as evidence to provide clarity and depth to your discussion, but be careful to avoid manipulating truth and outright lying in order to appear more “worldly” or “experienced.”

One of the best resources for crafting your personal statement for graduate school is through reading successful essays that have gotten other students accepted to the schools of their choice. Reading strongly scripted personal essays that are well written will infuse you with creativity and knowledge that will help you develop a series of mental notes that will help you craft your personal statement for the schools in which you are interested.

Getting the Attention of Graduate Schools With Your Personal Statement

Executive Summary about Personal Statement Graduate School by Jason Kay

Writing a graduate school personal statement can be a daunting and difficult task. In a graduate school personal statement you are selling yourself and trying to let the admissions representatives know WHY you should be chosen over other qualified applicants. If you are applying to several different schools using one generic statement will be easily recognized and just as easily dismissed.

The first step in preparing your Graduate School personal statement

Understanding the audience for your statement will help you to develop compelling content that grabs their attention. Next ensure that you understand the requirements for your statement or essay including:

-Word limit

-Questions to be answered

Word limits are fixed and if you can imagine yourself with the job of reading thousands of applications, you can understand why. Not answering any of the questions will give your application a one way ticket to the rejection pile.

Planning your Personal Statement

Flesh out the information you can provide including your experience/motivations. Field experience: Internships and jobs relevant to my field of study including skills learned and experience gained

Look for common denominators in the answers you have written, this may help formulate a theme or connection you can build into your personal statement.

Relevance, power to support your application and evidence of who you are is what you are looking for.

1. Your introduction and even your first sentence are the most important part of your personal statement. The rest of your introduction should provide a brief explanation that supports this first statement. Divide the word limit by the three parts of your personal statement by allocating your introduction around 30%.

2. The body of your personal statement is going to be hard work – you need to use around 50% of your word limit to give the admission representatives concrete evidence of why you stand out from the crowd in this application process. The body is also where you will be answering questions and giving examples of experience and affects of experience. If you’re struggling to keep under the word limit, allocate each question a word limit as well.

3. Percentages may vary if larger word limits are being offered. Ensure you state why you are interested in this field of study; state the key points from the body of your essay (e.g. accomplishments, experience and interest). Just as you started your personal statement with an attention grabber, make sure you finish your personal statement with one or two sentences that are positive and leave the reader remembering your statement while they are reading the next few.

Reviewing your Graduate School personal statement

Very few people write perfectly the first time and if you run out of time to do this stage, then you are leaving your application short.

1. If you’re not confident about these aspects then ask someone you can trust or hire a professional to check the personal statement.

2. Review your statement and ask these questions: Have I answered the questions required?

3. Check for logical flow and paragraph transition which make the statement strong and easily read.

4. Read the personal statement over – if you need to read any of the sentences twice, and then re-structure them.

5. Preferably someone who also understands that this personal statement is for admission to graduate school.

Gathering the Right Requirements for personal statement Graduate School

Executive Summary about Personal Statement Graduate School by Jars Marley

Being able to get into a graduate school is a big challenge to anyone. If one successfully finishes a course in graduate school, he can easily gain access to countless career opportunities. It is essential for one to acquire good grades from the standardized tests and excellent grades from under graduate school before you think of getting into school.

Schools tend to let the best people in. You will be asked to write a personal statement graduate school so if your grades are not that impressive, then perhaps the panel will give you a chance if you do well in writing your personal statement. Try to convince the panel that you are the best person to get into graduate school. Mention your achievements in your personal statement.

One has to show his personal statement and make sure that it is appealing along with adequate work experience, the panel at the admission office will then decide if you are qualified to be a graduate school student. Do not rush in writing your personal statement because if your grades do not meet the requirements, your personal statement is your last shot in getting into school.

It may also help to do a thorough research in each of the graduate schools that you apply for. Each school have their own unique way so evaluating applicants so each requirement you prepare may be needed in this school but not in the other – do the proper research and come prepared.

Getting admitted to a school is both a tiring and rewarding experience. I Have All the Requirements to be a Graduate School student.




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